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Close to you. by C-D-I
by C-D-I

Very touching, because Pinkie Pie is cheering up Pinkamenia. It is very sweet. It shows Pinkie Pie showing that everything isn't very b...



So yeah...I can't post journals anymore when I'm on my nook, on the mobile site or desktop...

So I haven't posted ANYTHING in what feels like forever...but hey! I'm not dead! //shot

but yeah....summer was summer...I got a lot of sun burns and dark feet........

Also I'm sorry if I missed any birthdays, I don't like the mobile set up so I never check...

It's the beginning of freshman year for me...time sure does fly...I remember I started this account back in the beginning of seventh grade...gosh...

but yeah...I like my school and peers so I may not choose to get home schooled at all now...

Things are already kinda crazy....I have photography I and I hope to have all four years of photography and also MAYBE go to college so I can become a official, professional photographer :33 I have gym(BLAAAAAARRRRRRRGH) and I have French I, and so far I can do a little bit of small talk in French, so I can speak in French a little to my mom and cousin Gabbi! :3

I've been obsessively drawing and taking pictures so yeah...gonna start uploading...

But I also let go of some friends and gained a lot during my slight absence...

Also if me and Isaiah can think of a good couples costume we'll get Raven's help to make them..*determined to sew*
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  • Reading: The Hunger Point
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AmericanGirlArtist's Profile Picture
Angela M.O.
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hai, my name is Angela, but I'm willing to be called Angel, I also have a lot of nicknames like my most commonly used one: Poker.
I'm 14, I am usually quiet around new peoples. But I'm typically actually loud and crazy. I'm also caring and been told I'm awsome. I'm here for anyone and everyone(unless you're just straight out rude about everything).
I've been drawing for a few years now and I typically only upload digital art, but I'm also pretty good at traditional art.

I enjoy drawing and studying things in Biology, and reading.
I tend to cook a lot. When I do I usually make French Toast, hashbrowns, cakes, brownies, cookies and soups. My mom says I must be a bit more like my uncle, very good at cooking.
I tend to be quite random as well. And I sing along to a lot of songs and also memorise lyrics to songs and just sing them whenever.

dA Family members:
BBBFF - :iconcolorcoatedart:
Internet Twin - :iconcross-angel-chan:
Sisters - :iconrocketslugrockscp: & :iconyoshimax101:
Cousins - :iconjaszjahn: & :iconsalpalgal:
Kittypet - :iconwarriorscourgethecat:
Butler - :iconmakenmaru:
Owners - :iconunseen-dreams: & :iconmakenmaru:
Songs/Videos -
Numa Numa Lyrics -… (don't judge, the English one isn't the best anyways, doesn't sound as sweet as the Romanion[Original] either)
Numa Numa (English Version) with Lyrics -…
A Vampire's Lullaby - Mezume Omachi -…
Discord Whooves: Bad Apple [PMV] -…
Melt 【メルト】 PV . Hatsune Miku -…
I Knew You Were Trouble - Taylor Swift Parody -…
Scream & Shout - ft. Britney Spears Parody -…
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift -…
GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) - PSY Parody -…
JULIAN SMITH - Everything's Okay Now -…
Pika Girl - S3RL -…
[Eng Sub] 【Miku x Luka】 Ladies First -…
96neko,Len - Happy Synthesizer [English Lyrics] -…
[Len Kagamine] Turn Me On + MP3 [VOCALOID COVER] -…
I Like You, I Love You with English Sub - Kagamine Rin - す..す..すき大す -…
[Kagamine Rin Len] Orphan (Eng Subs) -… <-Watch ONLY if you can stand VERY SAD endings
Kagamine Rin・Len - Secret 〜Black Vow〜 PV (English Subs) -…
Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder [ Live ] - Kagamine Rin / Len Migikata no Chou [antonio7v] -…
【手描き】ワールドイズマイン【PV】~ Hatsune Miku - World is Mine -…
【Hatsune Miku】 Triple Baka 「驫麤~とりぷるばか~」fullver (English Subs) -…
【初音ミク】ぽっぴっぽー - Po pi po ~ Miku Hatsune Vegetable Juice Dance -…
[Len Kaito Gakupo] The Immoral Memory, The Lost Memory (english & romaji sub) [lyrics in description] -…
Lie ✦ by Circus P ✦ (Cover)【JubyPhonic】 -…
Nightcore - Angel With A Shotgun -…
Nightcore - Angel of Darkness lyrics(sorry D: ) -…
Nightcore - Poison(Original and remix, Nightcore style btw) -…
Nightcore - Moonlight Shadow -…
Nightcore - I'm In Heaven (When You Kiss Me) -…
Nightcore - What Hurts The Most -… it also has the lyrics
Nightcore - Moonlight Shadow -…
Nightcore - Bring Me To Life (Remix) -…
Nightcore - Roses Are Red -…
Nightcore - All The Things She Said (Radio Mix) ( DJ Gollum feat. Scarlet) -… Don't watch, just listen!(I'm looking at the guys mostly -=-)
Nightcore - Dam Dadi Doo -…
【 Miku-Tan → Razzy ← Shiroko 】 Choose Me 『 English 』 -…
Nightcore - Kryptonite [NB] -…
Nightcore - Last resort -…
Victorious Soundtrack - Song 2 You w/ lyrics -…
Leon Thomas III - 365 Days Full Song[1080p FULL HD] -…
Tatu - Show Me Love [with lyrics] -…
TATU Malchik Gey Lyrics -… (btw "Malchik Gay" is a rough translation to "Gay Boy")
All The Things She Said- Tatu- Lyrics -…
TaTu - All about us with lyrics -…
Lyrics to 'Not Gonna Get Us' by t.A.T.u -…
I has plz's
Pervy Steve - :iconpervysteveplz:
Pervy Alejandro - :iconpervyalejandroplz:
Pervy Annabelle - :iconpervyannabelleplz:

Icon & ID finished products can be found in my gallery

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Colored Drawings (Inked and Shaded)
What? by AmericanGirlArtist
L. Muffler by AmericanGirlArtist
Susan - Kokoro [Work in Progress] (Colored) by AmericanGirlArtist
Princess Twilight Sparkle by AmericanGirlArtist
Adventure Time Princess by AmericanGirlArtist
Cinderella by AmericanGirlArtist
Choice of the traditional drawing. Colored, inked and shaded. Variation of drawing style; cartoons, anime, etc. (No realism)
David Tennant Collage~! by AmericanGirlArtist
Untitled by AmericanGirlArtist
Any coloring of the outline of your choice. Your art, favorite actor/actress/TV show, etc. May not be used as gifts. Choice of being large enough to have a print or as a screen saver(pixel lengths and widths MUST be mentioned for desired size).
Photography (Colored)
Sunrise light hitting clouds II by AmericanGirlArtist
Cemetery across the street with clouds by AmericanGirlArtist
Plants in someone's yard...(color) by AmericanGirlArtist
All hail the mighty Dalek by AmericanGirlArtist
Photographs of plants, sky, landscapes, etc in color only. Lighting, amounts in pictures, and detail all will vary.
Photography (Black and white)
A home across the street from where I don't live by AmericanGirlArtist
clouds and tree tops by AmericanGirlArtist
poofy clouds by AmericanGirlArtist
plant.. by AmericanGirlArtist
Photographs of plants, sky, landscapes, etc in black and white only. Lighting, amounts in pictures, and detail all will vary.
Colored Drawings (No Shading)
What? by AmericanGirlArtist
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by AmericanGirlArtist
Sweetie Belle by AmericanGirlArtist
Electric Angel Eyes by AmericanGirlArtist
Choice of the traditional drawing being inked or not. Colored, not shaded. Variation of drawing style; cartoons, anime, etc. (No realism)
Black and White Drawings
Black and white flower drawing by AmericanGirlArtist
Show Me Love sketch by AmericanGirlArtist
Um..hi.. by AmericanGirlArtist
Kokoro by AmericanGirlArtist
Wut... by AmericanGirlArtist
Virtually any traditional drawing that's not inked, includes detail and shading, pencils, black and gray colored pencils used.
Illusions, logos and fractals
Star Of David Yellow and White Version by AmericanGirlArtist
Star Of David Red and Blue Version by AmericanGirlArtist
My Heart Is Black and White by AmericanGirlArtist
Stop Bullying AmericanGirlArtist's Logo by AmericanGirlArtist
Black and White Lace by AmericanGirlArtist
Checker Board Heart CM by AmericanGirlArtist
Choice in colors, patterns, etc. Digital only.
Line arts and sketches
Hi~! sketch by AmericanGirlArtist
Flower sketch (WIP) by AmericanGirlArtist
Derpy with muffin hat by AmericanGirlArtist
Variation in detailing, no shading, inked or not inked and colorless.



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